VOICE is a four-week conference in America for overseas high school and college students. Throughout the conference, you will have time to evaluate your faith by learning more about Christianity, examining the reasons why you believe what you believe, and making this faith your own. You will also want to take this opportunity to learn and practice English and experience a new culture! Join us this summer for an adventure that may change your life! (more about the conference >>)

who can attend?  V2010-043

High school (entering sophomore year) and college students

when and where?

VOICE is one conference held in three cities:

July 13-31: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
August 1-8: Northwoods, Michigan
August 8-10: Chicago, Illinois                                 August 10-11: Travel Home

how much?

TAIWAN (includes airfare, travel insurance, food, lodging, sightseeing, and transportation within America)
Before Friday, April 8, 2016: $179,000 NTD
Before Friday, May 6, 2016: $189,000 NTD
(Due to limited space, please note that once all the slots for group airfare has been filled, all other applicants will need to be prepared to pay for the difference in airfare.)

HONG KONG (does NOT include airfare to and from the conference, but includes travel insurance, food, lodging, sightseeing, the mid-conference flight from Oklahoma City to Chicago, and ground transportation within America)
Before Friday, 8 April 2016: $31,900 HKD
Before Friday, 6 May 2016: $33,400 HKD
(Space is limited. Fees apply until all slots are filled.)

more information?

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How can I apply?
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download the VOICE 2015 flyer

TAIWAN: English  |  Chinese
HONG KONG: English  |  Chinese