The Oklahoma City National Memorial

We went to a very beautiful place in Oklahoma. That is the Oklahoma City National Memorial. I was so excited to visit there. I like the grass and the reflecting pool there. We took a lot of picture outside and we have a lot of fun there, although many people told us to be serious. When we enter to the museum, I became serious. Just like I was in April 19, 1995. I just can’t understand why the guy do such a terrible thing. Families were, and lots of people lost the person they loved.

When we came out from the museum, I just don’t know how to use word to describe my feeling. Life is weak, and we don’t know what will happen the next moment. As soon as we arrived at training center, we discussed a display of the items used to represent the lives of the people who were killed in the bombing. We shared with our class what item we would choose to represent our life. At first, I wanted my voice, because I want to use my voice to praise God and to cheer people up. But since I couldn’t put my neck there, I then decided I would put a statue of my hands. I want to use my hands to help other people.

Monica Hsieh
Team 4

Photo Credits: Reflection By the Time Gate by Karen Chen

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