Slider_Attend.psdWe are opening registration for VOICE 2022! Because of the current state of the pandemic in Taiwan, this year will be a virtual event, but we are excited to take the lessons we learned from last year to make this year even more special. Our early bird discount ends June 20th.

Our theme for this year is “A Song of Hope.” In the book of Exodus, the Israelites saw God’s mighty hand delivering them from bondage, as God judged Egypt through the ten plagues, and there were two different times that the Israelites sang in response. What was the difference in those two songs? As the world is (hopefully) coming to the end of the pandemic, how will we respond to our mighty God?

We also welcome college-age students to serve as V2 interns! Before the official start of the conference, training will begin a few days in advance, starting June 30th.


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