Here’s what previous students are saying…

“What makes VOICE special is not the memories, experiences, friendship, or education gained from the trip – all of which any summer camp has to offer in bucket loads. Rather, it is the quiet amazement that comes when one has seen firsthand the hand of God at work in one’s life and others.” (Benjamin, high school student from Hsinchu)

“My time at VOICE was indescribable. Just as Jesus summed up the Law, I learned how to love God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength, as well as loving my neighbor as myself. This was not simply something I learned with my mind, rather VOICE continues to challenge me to live out a Christ-centered life.” (Tiffany, high school student from Hsinchu)

“To me, VOICE was a life-changing trip, where I met new people and reached a new level in my relationship with God. I will never forget what God did in my life during VOICE. It’s a trip that changed my life forever…” (Ada, college student from Hong Kong)

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