Thanksgiving is a festival celebrated throughout America every year. It originated when the Mayflower first arrived in America and the pilgrims were unable to grow any crops until Squanto, a native American, taught them how to grow crops. The first Thanksgiving happened when the first crops were harvested and the ravenous pilgrims feasted with their harvest. I could imagine the great joy they experienced and the overwhelming feeling of relief shining in bright smiles on their faces. Although I failed to express the same amount of joy yesterday at the feast, I was still very glad for the food. I liked how we got a background story on Thanksgiving and the buffet was quite good. All but the cake with white topping, and the cornbread muffin tasted delicious.

I was almost afraid my stomach would explode out of fullness. I really liked how we had to think of something we were thankful for before we ate the candy corn, and the flamboyant Thanksgiving tree with numerous leaves of thanks because many often celebrate Thanksgiving for the food and forget the meaning behind it. They forget that Thanksgiving is a time for each person to thank God for everything that He did for them, whether good or bad, and that they must remember the main focus of this festival is not on the delicacies, which includes the mouthwatering pumpkin pie and the juicy turkey dipped in chicken, but on the Lord. We often go on in our lives without stopping to thank God for everything we have for we view them as things God must give to us, when they really aren’t. Thanksgiving works as a great reminder to us to remember to praise and thank God for everything he has done for us. I’m looking forward to see how we celebrate the other festivities as it truly interests me how Americans celebrate their holidays!
Florence Lau
Team 7


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