Going to Sonic

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Spring, Lisa, Charity, Janie and Saidie visit Sonic for English class

What can we do in an English class? Taking notes? Having a test? Going out and order something to eat? The last choice sounds impossible, but that was just what we did last Friday. On that day, we learned how to use polite words to order food. Then, we went to Sonic to order some snacks by ourselves. I wanted to order an ice cream named “Small Master Blast Waffleberry Brownie”. I said to the machine several times, but the person on the other side just couldn’t understand me. I felt a little sad. Luckily, Charity appeared and saved me from embarrassment. I learned a lesson from that day – I will only order the food which has an easy name. I really should improve my speaking, or I can only eat “chocolate ice cream” in America.

Janie Chang

Team 5

English Class

I like English class because it is interesting! And I think we have a good English teacher. She is a very crazy teacher. She is really very patient teaching us, and she often laughs really cute. IMG_2294She usually catches us when we speak Chinese, and we also have been tempted to speak. She sometimes is really bad. And she left me in the middle of the ice rink on Saturday! I thought she would teach me to skate. Fortunately, I learned after. Despite this, I really like her.

Joy Lin
Team 4


Today’s special is — cooking! Luckily our table got to make chocolate bleeding hearts. Looking at the other tables making some like cinnamon or something else, I don’t like it. I felt I was really lucky. First, we guessed what we will do. There was some chocolate, sugar, salt, flour, vanilla extract and cocoa. So I think we may make some delicacy, because all of those things are quite good.

Actually, I am a gourmet and chocolate is a heaven to me. First, we had to separate the dry and wet ingredients. Then we mixed the elements. And we are waiting for our cookies now. I look forward to our cookies being great and not burnt.
 Ken Wang