Team One

There are 8 people in our group, and Joel is our team leader. Joel as a team leader is very quiet but funny.

Lawrence impressed me the most. He is the youngest in our team. However he is always full of energy, talkative and active.

04-Team1I love to spend time with our team. We treat each other like family, especially during team prayer time. We can share our daily life and what we’ve learned in these days. We encourage each other by the Words in Bible or pray for each other. Thank God, that He let me be one of members of this group.

-Kwan-Lin Wang

Team Two

Our Team


I’m in Team 2, our team leader is David. The first time I saw David, I thought that he is a super movie star because he is really handsome! Our team members include Tony, Sam, Jess, Kai, Nicholas, and……….Ethan!

Ethan is cute and funny, he always makes us laugh. His Chinese is also pretty good so he can help us translating in both Chinese and English.

Tony is also a funny guy! He and I like to play volley ball, so we will practice together during park time.

Sam is always curious about everything.

Jess is funny too! Because of his accent, when I teach him how to speak Taiwanese, his accent always makes me laugh for such a long time!

Kai is cute and he really likes to laugh. So you can always hear his laughter during our team devotion time.

Nicholas is also a funny guy. We guys often make some fun of him but we don’t bully him actually.

Because our team is full of so many funny guys, we are all really happy when we get together.

I love this team so much!!!

-Ericsson Tsao

Team Three

I like my team so much. These team members are so kind and talkative, so I like them. James is so funny and nice. We are always laughing with him. Allen is a enthusiastic guy. Peter is from Hong Kong and he is interesting. He also good at English. Joe is a kind guy, he loves his sister so much.09-Team3

Our team prayer is my best time in VOICE, because I love to discuss things with deep people, and I also like to listen to others’ stories. I love my team leader so much, because he always ask deep questions to let us think, and he is always taking care of each one of us and praying for us.

-Joseph Yao

Team Four

06-Team4BI’m in a sweet team: Team 4! Lauren is our team leader, and Sylvia, Lily, Ruby, Ruth You, and Tina are my teammates. Tina is very funny; she makes faces all the time and she wants to eat everything, like cameras, tables, bangles, or everything she sees. Lauren has a lot of interesting stories to tell us. Because of them, we often get crazy in team devotions and team prayer, and finish it very late. (oops).

Everyday, we have different person share her story with us. It lets us know each other more, and because it takes time, we all find comfortable positions. When the speaker finishes, she finds that everyone is in a strange position! It’s fun, but if someone comes past; it’s embarrassing!

-Tracy Chang

My team ~ Team 6

V2012-142I love my team and feel comfortable with them. At the beginning, our team was very quiet during team devotions, everyone seemed so passive. But now we’re all like sisters. Our first team leader Grace L. went home because of her sickness. She told us her story and encouraged us before she left for home. And Ada is our new team leader now. We still pray for Grace every night.

Ada printed some cards that said “ I’m grateful for…” and “I see God in….” Every night when we have team prayer we have to answer one special question and pick one of the cards and share them with everybody. Then we fold the card into the shape of a heart. It is very complex. We put all of our hearts into a box filled with grateful hearts for the end of the conference. Besides the routine, sometimes we take turns to translate for Andy, because there is only one American on our team. I think it is a good way to practice English too. Thanks, God for giving me such a great team. 

Lingo Liu 
Team 6