We had a really special dinner last night. Though it’s in July, we had a Valentine’s Day dinner! This is one of the important holidays in America. We all had to draw a card—it was actually half a heart—and then we needed to find the person whose card matches yours, so that we all got a partner to dine with. It is really special to me because I never had a formal Valentine’s Day dinner before. We had a VOICE sing-off and games after the dinner. It was really fun.

Apart from those fun times, I was really touched by the world’s first love story Rowan shared with us. Ever since the time of creation, the love story between God and men has been ongoing. And God is so loving that He decided to include all of us in His love story, no matter whether we would love Him back or not. But to me, I have decided to spend my whole life loving Him, no matter what it takes, because He is the only one who has been loving me even before I knew Him!

Ada Leung
Team 6

Photo Credits: Singing by Rowan Gillson

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