A Midsummer Night’s Dream… worth watching

Saturday night, we did something VOICE has never done before… we walked out on a show. We thought Shakespeare in the Park would be a good taste of culture. It was a taste of culture all right. We walked into the play blind, but when the stage dimmed for intermission, we had to make a choice. So we decided to walk out– all 55 of us.

One might say we wasted our money that night. I don’t see it that way. What started off as an awkward evening turned into an opportunity to live out our faith in a very real and inconvenient way.

We talked through it with everyone afterwards, and then God blessed us with an amazing time of prayer. Staff and students poured out their hearts in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese…

And the tide began to turn.

That night, our first student gave her life to the Lord.

Karen Chen

Photo Credits: Thinking by Karen Chen


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