The Foster Family

Today is Sunday. We went to Mr. Foster’s home after church. Their house is located in the countryside with a very big backyard and swimming pool. Just as many American families do, they have a pet dog, Bony. She is a collie. She cooperated with us to take a lot of pictures. Aside from that we spent almost all our time swimming in the pool. There was also a diving board placed at the poolside. Therefore we tried any pose we could think of to dive, like flipping, throwing the football and catching it right after turning around and so on. Additionally, we recorded it by digital camera. We had great fun with these.

Mr. Foster is a kind person and so is his son, Aaron. We swam, played volleyball, and sat on a big swing on the tree. Aaron has a little problem with brain seizures. But it did not prevent us from enjoying activities. His father just has to call him to take him to take a break for a while. Mr. and Mrs. Foster have three daughters–two of them are named Rachel and Rebekah. We had a great dinner with them and one by one presented our prepared gifts to show appreciation for their hospitality. The Fosters said they will come to the training center on Tuesday to see the musical.

It was a good memory to me in Oklahoma City.

Zachary Kao
Team 1
Photo Credits: Blessed by Generosity by Karen Chen

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