Queen of the Dark Chamber… Dramatized

Today we had a Chinese New Year day! We invited our host families to come. And I loved dinner very much; there were many traditional Chinese dishes. I hadn’t eaten Chinese food for a long time! We taught our host families how to use chopsticks and they thought it was fun! Although we still had forks, spoons, and knives, we used chopsticks until dinner was finished. After dinner, we had TESOL graduation! But I needed to prepare for drama so I didn’t see the graduation. Grace and Rebecca spent lots of time and finally finished my hairstyle. It looked good, but it was hard to keep it neat!

I felt so nervous when I saw so many people in the audience in front of the stage! During the drama, I didn’t forget my lines. Everybody did their best and spoke loudly on the stage. But I forgot to appear during a scene! The scene was after the family runs and hides, we sisters and brothers needed to appear and feel happy that we are safe. But I forgot I needed to appear so I changed into my costume for the next scene! When I discovered that, it was too late. Everything was good except this mistake. When we finished the drama and curtain call, I felt so relaxed! It was fun to play in a drama. I liked my theatrical costume and my role. I hope that I can play in a drama next time!

Allison Yuen
Team 6
Photo Credits: TESOLites & Gong Xi Gong Xi by Karen Chen


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