Embarrassing Moment

When I entered the senior high school, I had to make new friends on my own. Actually, when I am unfamiliar with the new environment and others, I become shy to communicate with other people naturally. On the second day after entering the school, a girl sitting behind me told me that her cell phone was the same as mine. I had no idea how to reply and how to continue this topic, so I felt awkward at that moment. But as time went by, we became friends little be little. IMG_1787Eventually, I found that she was really an interesting and humorous girl and she always made me happy. We not only chatted with each other about everything that happened in our lives, but we also participated in the cooking club together.  We kept our friendship just like we make our soup. We put dressing into our friendship soup to let it taste better, and we couldn’t leave the soup on the oven alone, which means we always keep in touch with each other and keep the friendship warm. I sincerely thank God for giving me such a good friend even though we were embarrassed during our first talking.

Angel You
Team 5


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