attend V2

V2-LogoGod is real. Will you follow Him?

Our internship program– called V2– developed in response to VOICE veterans who wanted to return and build upon their previous experience at the conference.

how is V2 different from VOICE?

The goal of VOICE is to inspire individuals to deepen their personal walk with Christ. Throughout the conference, we look inward to weed out things that are choking our spiritual life and then focus on building disciplines that would enable us to grow.

The goal of V2, however, is to turn our eyes outward to the world around us, to ponder what it means to follow Christ and how He can use us to advance His kingdom. For those who have already been to VOICE, it an opportunity for to live out the lessons you have already learned. Based on the gifts God has given you, we will assign you to different responsibilities, ranging from helping prepare different activities to learding a team.

who may attend?

V2 is a program targeting VOICE veterans who have completed high school, demonstrated good leadership qualities, and are seeking a deeper relationship with Jesus. If you have never attended VOICE but are interested in the internship opportunity, you may apply, and we will evaluate if you are suitable for the program.

when and where?

July 16-18, 2020: We will have three days of training and preparation in Taipei.
*Please note, there will be no housing provided during this time of training. If you do not live in Taipei and need help finding housing, please let us know.
July 19, 2020: Departure for Hualien and preparation for conference.
July 20-26, 2020: Official conference
July 26, 2020: Debriefing and final departure.

how much?

9000 NT (excluding transportation to and from Taipei). Those who apply by June 26 will receive a 1000 NT discount.

how can I apply?

Online: application | reference form (bilingual)