Where’s God? How Do We See God Work?

When we’re suffering from something we think is bad, there always are some questions, like “Where’s God?”, “Is God silent?” and “Why is God doing nothing?” I think we all take for granted that we should have a smooth life, without any tragedy. All of a sudden, a person we love dies and we start to blame and question God. “Why did it happened to him?”, “He did nothing wrong. Why did you take him away from us?” And we start to doubt that God is still there in the tragedy that just happened, like the bombing in OKC.

I believe that God is with us every moment, even in the saddest moments in our life. Or, to say that in a different way, especially in the saddest moments God is with us. Everything that happens to us has a purpose and God allows it to happen. Like the story in Job, Job was a righteous man but still God let him suffer. God didn’t even answer his question about why he was suffering, but he still praise God and believe in Him.

It was hard to accept it, especially for the families of those victims in the bombing event in OKC. I’m sure there was God’s works and God’s love in it. So many people come into rescue even though they were outside of OKC. If God doesn’t work, there wouldn’t be people helping each other.

Sometimes we know why we’re suffering a period of time. Sometimes we never know. I think the best attitude to deal with it is to believe in Him always.

-Philip Chen

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