Morning Devotions

Morning devotion is the first schedule of everyday. I always learn a lot and think a lot through devotion time. God also teaches me many things from His word from the start of the day.

In devotions, we first read I John for our major reading. We shared what we learned, we felt, and also our experiences with our team. sometimes we sang songs to help us remember the words in the Bible.

In these days, God’s word made me keep thinking about how what we did was lying to God or not. In the Bible, John wrote “The man who says that he knows God but doesn’t do what He commands is a liar, and the truth isn’t in him. But if anyone obeys His word, God’s love is made complete in him.” These words reminded me that if we are Christians, we learn many teachings from God, Than we must do it well and follow the rules. If we don’t, we just seem like the same as other people who aren’t Christians. Because some people know about God and His teaching, but they don’t need to follow. What we see is that we say we are Christians, but our lives are not like a Christian’s life, than we are just like we are pretending to be another person. We don’t just lie to people, but God.

I think morning devotion is very good. It lets me listen to God and learn His teaching as the first thing I do in a day. And I like to keep what I learn in the morning to see and think do I really follow God’s teaching in my life.
-Grace Wu

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