"My Team"

I love my team. We are team 4 and our leader is Celia. We have many happy time together. Every morning we study Bible together and share something we learned from it. And in the end of a day, we have team prayer. It’s my favorite time with my team. By the way, Alana, Becca, Faith, Ada, and Chen Mama are also in our team. Every night we have awesome sharing, about the days highlight, our family, everyone’s life story. . . etc. Besides, Chen Mama always bring something to eat to us. We just like a small family. Everyone is happy and enjoy the time we spend together. The place where we are always filled with happy voice. And through the sharing, we get closer to each other. It’s so happy and warm with my team – a small family. 🙂

Cynthia Su
Team 4


2 thoughts on “"My Team"

  1. Awww…I love your team too! I wish I could have been part of your happy family in Northwoods. Glad you had a great time together! And Ada and Faith sure got an amazing team to be on! Love you all!

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