God and Idols


“We are great sinners, but Christ is a great savior.” What is the eternal value of worship? Who do we worship? Is it a rock star? Or is it a president? No. It is only God who we worship. We need to obey these most important commands, love God and love people. We have to confess we are guilty and we need God’s help. I learned that sometimes we even worship our emotion. That shocked me very much. I had not known that anger, worry, embarrassment, and disappointment would be worshiped. They would distract you and keep you from focusing on God. So, put God first. It may be a test, but we need to follow God. Don’t worship the fake god or emotions, because they will terminate one day in the future. You should have no other gods before me.

Is God using the trouble I am in to punish me for past sin? In the past, I usually thought I could not get good grades because I had not joined the worship. But now I know that was my distorted view of God. God does not use trouble to punish us. He still loves us even when we are sinners. God loves us with a sin-destroying love.

Sarah Chiang

Team 5

One thought on “God and Idols

  1. Yes, we must keep ourselves from idols and know that we are of God. God so loved us that He gave His only begotten son. We love Him because He first loved us. Let’s praise God and have favor with people everyday. Hallelujah !

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