Team Devotions

Though I sometimes feel tired and sleepy because of waking up at such an early time, I feel team devotions really makes us stay close to God regularly. We are reading the book of John. We learned a lot about Jesus. I think that even though He is so holy, He went so low to the human world and lowered himself to save people. He condemned the people who sold things in the holy temple because the temple was a place to worship God, not a market. He also talked to a woman who had five husbands and she trusted him at once. He did miracles for many people and cured them physically and spiritually. He cured a man who had been sick for 38 years. But then He was betrayed. Though He knew some people hated him and wanted to destroy Him, He still loved all of them so much. I think His love is eternal and incomprehensible.

Sandy Liao

Team 7

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