God’s Love and the Memorial


VOICE ’16 visiting the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum


It was a good memorial hall that we visited. It demonstrated the bombing incident in chronological order. It let us feel the whole thing just like it happened in front of our eyes. It was really scary, sad and even angry.
A part of the memorial I liked the most is the feedback. This memorial hall didn’t only write down the happening, the terrorist, the rescue and the people who died in the explosion, it also let visitors think deeper about how we will face this incident if it happens to us. There were some questions like “How do you want to treat the terrorist?” and “Do you want to forgive him?” These questions let me think deeper about forgiveness lesson. It will be really a difficult lesson for me if these kind of things happen to me. And I realized how big God’s love is. He didn’t only forgive us, He even let His son die for us. That was what I learned the most at this memorial hall.

Joanna Lin
Team 5

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