VOICE Character Commitment

VOICE is a discipleship conference for individuals committed to growing in faith, character, and English. With this year’s conference moving online, your full participation and cooperation is even more important for your personal enjoyment and the overall success of the conference, so please read the following character commitments carefully.

1. Be Focused.

  • I will use my time wisely, so that I can whole-heartedly participate in and learn from class time and the experiences provided by the conference. This includes the three following practical ways:
    • Prepare my environment, whether it be my surroundings, or my computer and internet connection, so that nothing will interfere with my learning or participation.
    • Removing all other devices and logging out of all other social media or websites that can distract me from class time.
    • I will not eat or do any other activities during class time unless given permission by a staff person

2. Be Courteous.

  • With this year’s conference online, we will need your participation to make it easier for others to get to know you, and for you to be able to better make friends with other conference attendees. These are a few practical ways we ask you to cooperate to show courtesy to your teachers and to your other classmates.
    • I will be prepared to have my microphone and camera turned on and participate for the entire class time, unless otherwise instructed to do so by a staff member.
    • I will take the time to make myself presentable, getting fully dressed (both top and bottom) and not wearing my pajamas.
    • I will not engage in offensive language, behavior, etc.

3. Be Punctual.

  • I will be punctual and attentive in all classes and activities, making sure I have enough time to set up my device.
  • I will arrange my schedule to get enough sleep each night so that I am well rested each day.