VOICE Character Commitment

VOICE is a discipleship conference for individuals committed to growing in faith, character, and English. Your experience here will be enjoyable, rewarding, and challenging if you take responsibility for your own life and conduct, so please read the following character commitments carefully.

1. Be Focused.
I will use my time wisely, so that I can wholeheartedly participate in and learn from class time and the experiences provided by the conference. This includes the three following practical ways:

  • I will refrain from using any form of technology in ways that would prevent me from interacting with others or from getting adequate rest, and will be willing to turn in my electronic devices if necessary.
  • I will give up all internet connection during the conference, understanding that any usage will be limited to designated times.
  • I will not seek or pursue a romantic relationship while attending the VOICE Conference.

2. Be Courteous.

  • I will respect the property, privacy, and rights of others, including those not associated with VOICE.
  • I will keep myself, my belongings, and my room neat and orderly.
  • I will socialize in public areas and refrain from visiting other people’s rooms after curfew.
  • I will not drink alcoholic beverages, smoke, or use any type of illegal drugs.
  • I will not engage in offensive language, behavior, etc.

3. Be Punctual.

  • I will be punctual and attentive in all classes and activities.
  • I will honor the time set for curfew and strive to get enough rest each night.
  • If a special need arises in which I will be later or absent to any meeting or meal, I will first obtain approval from my team leader.

4. Be Appropriate.
I will pack and wear clothing suitable for the activities of our summer camp. 

  • Shirts should completely cover your shoulders, back, and stomach and should not be revealing.
  • Skirts and shorts should come to mid-thigh.
  • When swimming is permitted, guys should wear board shorts and girls should wear one-piece swimsuits (tankinis are allowed).