Bible Class

The day before yesterday, we had Bible class. We talked about the sixth commandment. “You shall not murder.” During the class, Luke said that if you hate someone, you make him into nothing, and that is a kind of murder. I was shocked!IMG_3515 When we disrespect a human being, we express our judgement that their Creator and Judge is inadequate. God made everyone so wonderful, we shouldn’t judge others.  I should learn to be more humble, because God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble. Only if we are humbled by the recognition of God’s sacrifice for us, can we have the salvation. Let God be God!

Annie Chang
Team 5

Thanksgiving Day

IMG_3377Tonight we had Thanksgiving Day! It was awesome, because we know this already.
We shared the things we are grateful for. In fact we complain every day. We can complain at any time, and it is easy. But when we want to tell what we’re grateful for, it will be difficult to think of something. In fact, we can be grateful for anything, about God or people. So we need to try to be grateful. It’s like highlight and lowlight, when we try to tell the gain is great.

Yi Mei  Sun
Team 5

Morning Devotion


We have morning devotions in teams everyday. Although we often feel sleepy when sitting there, God’s words still come into my heart. He makes me know Him better and better. The most touching one is that “God is our refuge and strength, and ever-present help in trouble.” He told me that He will never forsake me or forget me. He is always there besides me. That is very sweet, especially when I’m alone, I won’t feel disappointed or lonely.
His words are like a stream soft and gentle making His children feel loved and safe, and I’m really enjoying that Father’s love from God. Morning devotion is also the time we can share our feeling of God’s words and through other teammates’ words, we can see those words in different angles, which is really great. Morning devotion is an energetic way to start our bright new day.

-Tina Wang