Cultural Differences


Rebecca, Lisa and Joyce celebrate Valentine’s Day at VOICE

There are a lot of differences between Taiwan and America. For example, Taiwanese use chopsticks and eat rice, but Americans use forks and eat salad all the time. The most cultural shock to me is the rest rooms. There is a huge gap like a cave under the door. I think it is very weird. When I am going to the rest room I can know whether a person is in there without knocking the door. And this also let me feel I don’t have a sense of security. The traffic light can talk; I think it is a great facility. Helping the people who cannot see clearly. All of the cultural differences are fresh to me.

Joyce Chao

Team 3

Going to Sonic

DSC_0146 (2)

Spring, Lisa, Charity, Janie and Saidie visit Sonic for English class

What can we do in an English class? Taking notes? Having a test? Going out and order something to eat? The last choice sounds impossible, but that was just what we did last Friday. On that day, we learned how to use polite words to order food. Then, we went to Sonic to order some snacks by ourselves. I wanted to order an ice cream named “Small Master Blast Waffleberry Brownie”. I said to the machine several times, but the person on the other side just couldn’t understand me. I felt a little sad. Luckily, Charity appeared and saved me from embarrassment. I learned a lesson from that day – I will only order the food which has an easy name. I really should improve my speaking, or I can only eat “chocolate ice cream” in America.

Janie Chang

Team 5

Fun with Host Families

Tiffany participates in a limbo contest during VOICE

Tiffany participates in a limbo contest during VOICE

I went to the host family on Sunday. They have eight children. Janie, Lisa and I played some games with their kids. We ate cookies and drank juice together. After that, we went to the others house and we had a party with them. We played with two puppies. Someone swam in the pool; the others played basketball. In the evening, they had BBQ for dinner. And they also roast beef. The food was very delicious there. We had a great time with the host family.

Tiffany Feng
Team 3