Fun with Host Families

Tiffany participates in a limbo contest during VOICE

Tiffany participates in a limbo contest during VOICE

I went to the host family on Sunday. They have eight children. Janie, Lisa and I played some games with their kids. We ate cookies and drank juice together. After that, we went to the others house and we had a party with them. We played with two puppies. Someone swam in the pool; the others played basketball. In the evening, they had BBQ for dinner. And they also roast beef. The food was very delicious there. We had a great time with the host family.

Tiffany Feng
Team 3

Host Families

host fam 1

Jonathan, James, Peter, Leo and Timothy visit a host family in OKC

On Sunday afternoon, after church, we went to the host family. And I am with Jonathan, Timothy, Peter and Leo. The man who picked us is the husband of a TESOL student’s sister (the student had just had a competition with my roommate in ping-pong.) So we went to his house, and I gave him a Pokémon ball for a present. After that we went to Walmart, and bought some instant lunch. And then we went swimming. After that we had dinner time, and the dinner was made by ourself. We made sushi and cheeseburgers, and it’s very tasty and delicious! I can say that it is my best meal in VOICE. And we played One Thousand, and I won the game. I like my host family, they’re really kind.

James Chen
Team 1

Host Families

Last Sunday, we were divided into many groups. And each group went to one family’s house. We played some games, such as UNO and poker with the family. I learned some new games too. YoyoWe met two Taiwanese exchanged students who we saw in church that morning. We talked a lot. There were also two Koreans. They taught us most of the games.The most important thing was there were two cats there!!! One was still a kitten so he was really energetic. he was always chasing anything that was moving. He was sooo cute!!

Yoyo Liu
Team 2

The Host Family

It was an awesome experience to visit the host family. I was a little bit nervous, before. I went there with Ruby, Ruth, Rebecca, Joyce, Grace, and Lucy. Their house is really big. We were assigned to the Kings’ house. They have three cats and a horse. The horse’s name is Prince Charming. Haley is the youngest kid in their family and she is seventeen years old. She drove us to her house and her father and her older sister, Hillary, drove another car.


We chatted and played the piano together. We ate a dinner that her mother prepared for us. It was really delicious. Although we were late for coming back, I had a great time in their home.

-Linda Huang

Host family

It was a wonderful experience. I went to a host family with Alex, Jerry, Jesse, and Erik. The family consisted of six people, including three boys and a girl. They were really kind and took us to an amazingly big swimming pool which had a diving board, water basketball, and a slide. There were a lot of Americans. After that, we went back to their house, which was so beautiful and big that we could even play soccer in their yard. The kids were so cute and outgoing. And they made BBQ hamburgers and hot dogs for us. At the end, we gave them the gifts we prepared. It was a great day.

Dennis Fu 
Team 4

Host Family

We visited an American family on Sunday afternoon. This family had six kids; four girls and two young boys. Their home was very big and beautiful. They were very kind and we had a good time. We played with their two young boys. They were so cute that we just couldn’t stop playing with them. We also had a wonderful dinner and perfect conversation with the family. Oh, thank you God. Everything was just so wonderful. I will remember that day forever. I hope I will have a chance to meet this family again in the future.

Alex  Sui
Team 2