A glimpse into VOICE2012

It’s hard to describe the VOICE conference to people who’ve never been before, but perhaps the farewell video that team leader David Lukachick prepared for VOICE2012 will give you a taste of what this past month has been like for all of us. (Thank you, David!)

VOICE2012, we’re going to miss you guys!

Host family

It was a wonderful experience. I went to a host family with Alex, Jerry, Jesse, and Erik. The family consisted of six people, including three boys and a girl. They were really kind and took us to an amazingly big swimming pool which had a diving board, water basketball, and a slide. There were a lot of Americans. After that, we went back to their house, which was so beautiful and big that we could even play soccer in their yard. The kids were so cute and outgoing. And they made BBQ hamburgers and hot dogs for us. At the end, we gave them the gifts we prepared. It was a great day.

Dennis Fu 
Team 4

The person I will miss the most when I leave VOICE

I think I will miss everyone I met at VOICE. However, I think I will miss Lingo the most. We met each other in the airport, and in the morning, we found we had everything in common. We talked a lot and learned many things from each other. Though we are all from Taiwan, we may not see each other very often. Beside Lingo, I will also miss Ada, Andy, and Grace. They have been very kind, and have helped me very much. I will miss Rumi, Vivian, Big Esther, Small Esther, Donna, Lili, Meggie, Brianne, Celia, Christina, and Serene. I am very grateful that God helped us to meet each other in Voice.

This has been a wonderful experience.
Jemmie Chen
Team 6


Quick Update

Dear Friends and Family, We are enjoying our time at the Northwoods. We do not have strong enough internet to upload a lot of pictures, but we will be posting occasional pictures on “The VOICE Conference” Facebook page. For now, here is one after Saturday evening’s musical performance. The students did a wonderful job!