Queen of the Dark Chamber

Venetia Liao

Venetia Liao

I felt so honored being offered the role of Christiana. But after looking deeper at the script, the music and this wondrous woman’s life, I felt scared. Scared that the challenging songs, and scared that I could not portray this great of a woman well. Nevertheless, I have peace in the heart. I will pray for God to give me enough wisdom, energy and sensitivity to play this role. I also shall pray that I may not be tied up by want for playing her perfectly. As the Bible and the Bible class has reminded me, I should remember the importance and the meaning of rest. I should have trust and faith in not only myself, but my team and my God. Though it may be even greater a challenge, I should and will try.

Venetia Liao
Team 5

[Editor’s Note: The VOICE ‘16 musical is titled and based off of the book “Queen of the Dark Chamber”, the true story of the life of Christiana Tsai, a Chinese woman who came to know Jesus despite persecution.]

Rehearsing the Musical



When I attended camps in Taiwan before, we sometimes played dramas, so I had a few experience in acting. This time in VOICE, it’s my first time to play parts in a musical, this is really fresh for me. I will play an Angel’s part in the musical. Even though it’s just a small part in the show, I still enjoyed it a lot when i was practicing. Yesterday, me and Jamie practiced singing a song called “The Search”. The melody was lovely, but I also liked the lyrics a lot. We haven’t finished learning the song, so we’ll keep on going today. I hope that I can learn more about musicals during this chance.

Joy Liao
Team 4

Quick Update

Dear Friends and Family, We are enjoying our time at the Northwoods. We do not have strong enough internet to upload a lot of pictures, but we will be posting occasional pictures on “The VOICE Conference” Facebook page. For now, here is one after Saturday evening’s musical performance. The students did a wonderful job!


They’ve arrived!

You may not be able to tell, but Dr. Chen arrived with the final group of students– after 45 hours of travel. We are so glad they all arrived safely!

The students dove into English Placement testing this afternoon…

…followed by musical auditions.

This evening, Dr. McCray and the Verity faculty and student body hosted all 80+ VOICE conference participants at the McCray home for ice cream, volleyball, and games.

We had a great first day and are looking forward to Day 2!



"Eternal Education"

Dear Family and Friends,

Saturday evening, the VOICE students put on a brand new musical called “Eternal Education.” The story is about a math teacher who starts teaching at Durham High School. He faces a number of challenges with his students, the faculty, his wife, and his faith. We wish you could have been there– it was amazing to see God help them put on a musical (all in English!) in less than 2 weeks!

We have posted some of the songs from the musical on our YouTube channel. Here’s the opening song: “Learning What It’s All About.” Please take a moment to watch!

VOICE 2011, we are so proud of you!!