The Inheritance: more videos on YouTube!

Having signed on with Liana (Mary Chen), one of Hollywood’s big name agents, Diggory (Valen Copu) finds himself surrounded by people who think the first step to becoming a star is to change his name. (Other soloists: Kevin Kang, Anna Ke, and Hans Chen)

Diggory soon finds himself signing on with Gale (Lauryssa Milner) for his first movie, only to be thwarted by an actor’s strike. He uses his power of truth-speaking to persuade the studio to proceed with the film anyway. In the process, he meets his co-star Monica (Brianne Hogan), whom he has to persuade in a different way…

Meanwhile, Diggory’s father Godwin (Shaun Lin) finds himself not only struggling with the loss of his son but also on the brink of career disaster. Because his son Diggory used his share of the family company stocks to fund his new movie, a rival company seized those stocks in a hostile takeover of Godwin’s company. Here, at the conclusion of Act 1, we hear Godwin struggling with doubts over the decisions he has made as a father…

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The Inheritance: "Gonna Be Great"

This year’s musical The Inheritance, written by Timothy Chen, was an adaptation of the parable of the prodigal sons in Luke 15. The following song “Gonna Be Great” introduces the tension between the two sons: Roderick (Luke Christopherson), who is climbing the corporate ladder in his father’s computer company, and Diggory (Valen Copu), who is making plans to leave for Hollywood to become an actor.

More videos from the musical forthcoming…

4th of July at VOICE

What does it mean to celebrate the 4th of July at VOICE… in the month of August? Face paint, battle between the Brits and Yanks, capture the flag, water balloon volleyball, kayak races, a yummy cookout, fireworks… and for the first time, a bilingual performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner” (as led by Luke Kallberg and Timothy Chen) presented here for your viewing pleasure.

7th Annual "You Are My Sunshine" Contest

Each year, for the VOICE Valentine’s Day celebration, we hold a singing contest for a few of the young men participating in the conference. For those who were unfamiliar with the song “You Are My Sunshine,” they had the option of singing the traditional Chinese love song “月亮代表我的心” (“The Moon Represents My Heart”).