The Inheritance: more videos on YouTube!

Having signed on with Liana (Mary Chen), one of Hollywood’s big name agents, Diggory (Valen Copu) finds himself surrounded by people who think the first step to becoming a star is to change his name. (Other soloists: Kevin Kang, Anna Ke, and Hans Chen)

Diggory soon finds himself signing on with Gale (Lauryssa Milner) for his first movie, only to be thwarted by an actor’s strike. He uses his power of truth-speaking to persuade the studio to proceed with the film anyway. In the process, he meets his co-star Monica (Brianne Hogan), whom he has to persuade in a different way…

Meanwhile, Diggory’s father Godwin (Shaun Lin) finds himself not only struggling with the loss of his son but also on the brink of career disaster. Because his son Diggory used his share of the family company stocks to fund his new movie, a rival company seized those stocks in a hostile takeover of Godwin’s company. Here, at the conclusion of Act 1, we hear Godwin struggling with doubts over the decisions he has made as a father…

Visit VOICE’s YouTube channel for more videos! (And if anyone has one that’s not here, please let us know!)

The Inheritance: "Gonna Be Great"

This year’s musical The Inheritance, written by Timothy Chen, was an adaptation of the parable of the prodigal sons in Luke 15. The following song “Gonna Be Great” introduces the tension between the two sons: Roderick (Luke Christopherson), who is climbing the corporate ladder in his father’s computer company, and Diggory (Valen Copu), who is making plans to leave for Hollywood to become an actor.

More videos from the musical forthcoming…

4th of July at VOICE

What does it mean to celebrate the 4th of July at VOICE… in the month of August? Face paint, battle between the Brits and Yanks, capture the flag, water balloon volleyball, kayak races, a yummy cookout, fireworks… and for the first time, a bilingual performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner” (as led by Luke Kallberg and Timothy Chen) presented here for your viewing pleasure.

7th Annual "You Are My Sunshine" Contest

Each year, for the VOICE Valentine’s Day celebration, we hold a singing contest for a few of the young men participating in the conference. For those who were unfamiliar with the song “You Are My Sunshine,” they had the option of singing the traditional Chinese love song “月亮代表我的心” (“The Moon Represents My Heart”).


"Lessons on Love"

Love is a beautiful thing ,and God give everyone a desire for love. However, the world use all kinds of methods to make people forget love or make people live in counterfeit love, but those desire for true love can’t never be satisfied. I learn a lesson today that love is put down what you have completely and give others only what God has given you. We love because He first love us. So I think the motivation we love others is because that we know God love thems too. Not the motivation from myself or want to get something return. As for the marriage, is the analogy for Jesus’ love for church. I think it’s a important thing to keep our mind clean until we get married; so we can understand the love of Jesus.

Han Chen
Team 1

"My Favorite Holiday"

My favorite holiday in VOICE is Thanksgiving. Naomi told us the story about Thanksgiving. It is about some Pilgrims took the Mayflower from England to America in 1620. But they didn’t have enough food and many people were dead. Fortunately, Indians helped them. So the Pilgrims in ordered to thank Indians, that they celebrated “Thanksgiving” on the fourth Thursday of November. After the story , we ate turkey and lots of tasty food. And we shared something that we were thankful for. After all, the meaning of Thanksgiving is “to fill with thanks.” Isn’t it?

Jason Hu Team 3

"My Team"

I love my team. We are team 4 and our leader is Celia. We have many happy time together. Every morning we study Bible together and share something we learned from it. And in the end of a day, we have team prayer. It’s my favorite time with my team. By the way, Alana, Becca, Faith, Ada, and Chen Mama are also in our team. Every night we have awesome sharing, about the days highlight, our family, everyone’s life story. . . etc. Besides, Chen Mama always bring something to eat to us. We just like a small family. Everyone is happy and enjoy the time we spend together. The place where we are always filled with happy voice. And through the sharing, we get closer to each other. It’s so happy and warm with my team – a small family. 🙂

Cynthia Su
Team 4

"Who is God to Me"

To me, God is the most powerful one, He created the earth, air, sun, and us. There was a time I felt that the distance between God and me was so far, He is that huge and I am that tiny, although I knew He will listen my prayer but I was not depend on Him very much, I just did things on my own. In recent months, there were a lot of troubles happened to me and I could not fix them by myself. That was a hard time to me, but God He was so mercy that He did not leave me alone. He make me realize I must rely on Him and He will help me, give me strength to go. I really want to have a good relationship with Him, that is the way to be a better Christian and experience He is real.

Jas Chen
Team 3

“Picture Name”

"The Inheritance"

This years musical, “The Inheritance” as performed by the VOICE & TESOL 2010 Students/Staff. The story was based off Luke 15, and the Prodigal Son. With many lines to memorize (in English of course!), songs to learn, and props to make – it was no easy feat to pull a musical together in just two weeks. However, each one gave outstanding effort, and the musical was a smashing success!

Images by Katie Pleckham

"Someone I Want to Remember"

I don’t have someone I want to remember. Because I want to remember all of them. Not just one. I have fun in Oklahoma every day. And know each other from the games, groups, or dinner. I love all of “the VOICE people,” even though my English is not very well in speaking. I don’t know, what can I say when I ate with foreigners. But when I think about that I won’t see them when we go to northern America, I was very sad. In the beginning, I thought one month is very long. But now it’s very short to me. I will miss all the TESOL and the Chief, very, very, very, very much. I will miss Rebecca very much too. There won’t be anyone can teach us how to sing Romanian songs and speak Romanian. So, I have to keep your face in my camera and bring back to Taiwan.

Sabina Tsai
Team 4

“English Class – Flying High” by Katie Pleckham