Thanksgiving Celebration


Enjoying Thanksgiving Dinner

We celebrated Thanksgiving last night and it was my first experience of how people celebrate Thanksgiving in America. First, we made our own turkey hat and wore it during the dinner. While we were eating, we watched a video about Snoopy celebrating Thanksgiving with friends and family. For Thanksgiving dinner, we had mashed potatoes, turkey, steamed pumpkin, beans and pumpkin pie. I am not such a fan of pumpkin, though. After the meal, Rebecca shared a story of a man who was a refugee from Iran. The story was touching and it made me think if I had been thankful for the Savior. Then we had some activities related to Thanksgiving. We played two games; one was about biting apples from a box of water, and the other one was jumping in a bag. I didn’t join the game because my foot was injured, but it was hilarious to watch others play. I wish we celebrated Thanksgiving like last night in Taiwan.

Spring Huang

Team 5

Thanksgiving Day

DSC_0520Thanksgiving Day is a very special holiday. It’s not in Taiwan, I’m glad to experience Thanksgiving Day. It means thankful. We have a lot of things from someone’s help. If we always have a thankful heart, this would will be precious better. This is the reason why I think Thanksgiving Day is special. The dinner last night is delicious! I loved that turkey, it was very yummy! And Olivia told us a story about Thanksgiving Day, it was very good. It’s a story about Jesus helping the main character to avoid the kill by soldiers, because he believed Jesus. And it was amazing that Jesus blinded the soldiers, and saved him. In the end, he came back to Kenya to help ones who were like him before. That touched my heart, and that story is real. I like this holiday very much, and I had a nice evening yesterday.

Eric Guo

Team 1

Thanksgiving Day

IMG_3377Tonight we had Thanksgiving Day! It was awesome, because we know this already.
We shared the things we are grateful for. In fact we complain every day. We can complain at any time, and it is easy. But when we want to tell what we’re grateful for, it will be difficult to think of something. In fact, we can be grateful for anything, about God or people. So we need to try to be grateful. It’s like highlight and lowlight, when we try to tell the gain is great.

Yi Mei  Sun
Team 5


Thanksgiving14_01 Thanksgiving14_02 Thanksgiving14_03

Thanksgiving Day reminds us of how God led the Pilgrims to America and gave mercy to the people in a severe situation. Nowadays, we remember it with a big feast, turkey, decorations, a day off, and Black Friday. We seldom think of how amazing and generous God was to save the people. We should always think about what we possess as all mercy from God. If it was not God who gave the American Indian’ hearts generosity, the pilgrims would not have survived and America might be different today. If it was not for Jesus being crucified on the cross for us, human beings would still be walking in the darkness.

I have never celebrated Thanksgiving in Taiwan. Thanksgiving Day is more like a holiday that would be introduced in History Class. I’m thankful that God gave me the chance to know about what it truly means and to keep a humble heart. It is also important for all of us to remember that God is the provider. He is the only one who will last forever.


Team 4


We had a big meal for Thanksgiving yesterday!

Before we got into the dining room, we chose a note for the table which we will sit. I looked for my table for a long time although some one’s help. I still couldn’t find it. (Because I skipped it). Finally, I found it.

There were some guys already set in the table. They were Nicholas and Jess. And then more and more people joined us. They were Rita, Celia, Christian, James and Lucy.

There were many candies on the table, and the table was decorated with orange and yellow. There was also an envelope there, it was for the game -History about Thanksgiving. We needed to use the notes in the envelope to make the story keep going. (But we failed).

Then we played an exciting game and had a race in the hall. All of the members in my team had a lot of fun.

After the race, we went back to the dining room to watch a performance about a guy named “Squanto”. It was a story about an Indian who didn’t have a lucky life but helped Puritans and Indians a lot. From his story, I saw that I should always trust in God, and you will find something amazing happens!

-Christine Liu


Thanksgiving is a festival celebrated throughout America every year. It originated when the Mayflower first arrived in America and the pilgrims were unable to grow any crops until Squanto, a native American, taught them how to grow crops. The first Thanksgiving happened when the first crops were harvested and the ravenous pilgrims feasted with their harvest. I could imagine the great joy they experienced and the overwhelming feeling of relief shining in bright smiles on their faces. Although I failed to express the same amount of joy yesterday at the feast, I was still very glad for the food. I liked how we got a background story on Thanksgiving and the buffet was quite good. All but the cake with white topping, and the cornbread muffin tasted delicious.

I was almost afraid my stomach would explode out of fullness. I really liked how we had to think of something we were thankful for before we ate the candy corn, and the flamboyant Thanksgiving tree with numerous leaves of thanks because many often celebrate Thanksgiving for the food and forget the meaning behind it. They forget that Thanksgiving is a time for each person to thank God for everything that He did for them, whether good or bad, and that they must remember the main focus of this festival is not on the delicacies, which includes the mouthwatering pumpkin pie and the juicy turkey dipped in chicken, but on the Lord. We often go on in our lives without stopping to thank God for everything we have for we view them as things God must give to us, when they really aren’t. Thanksgiving works as a great reminder to us to remember to praise and thank God for everything he has done for us. I’m looking forward to see how we celebrate the other festivities as it truly interests me how Americans celebrate their holidays!
Florence Lau
Team 7


Thanksgiving Day

Before yesterday, I was starving every meal. When I heard Valentino say that the Thanksgiving dinner would have turkey, I was very excited and looked forward to eating it. Before dinner, we had to chose our table by drawing a card. I got “Delight.” It means feelings of great pleasure.

On the table we got five pieces of candy and one wish card. We had to think about one thing before we eat each piece of candy so we wrote about 5 things we were grateful for. We wrote them on the wish card and put it on the tree. We took a lot of pictures during the night and had a lot of fun after dinner. We played games and listened to the story about “死光頭” (Squanto.)

I really like Thanksgiving.

Sean Liao
Team 1