Thanksgiving Day

DSC_0520Thanksgiving Day is a very special holiday. It’s not in Taiwan, I’m glad to experience Thanksgiving Day. It means thankful. We have a lot of things from someone’s help. If we always have a thankful heart, this would will be precious better. This is the reason why I think Thanksgiving Day is special. The dinner last night is delicious! I loved that turkey, it was very yummy! And Olivia told us a story about Thanksgiving Day, it was very good. It’s a story about Jesus helping the main character to avoid the kill by soldiers, because he believed Jesus. And it was amazing that Jesus blinded the soldiers, and saved him. In the end, he came back to Kenya to help ones who were like him before. That touched my heart, and that story is real. I like this holiday very much, and I had a nice evening yesterday.

Eric Guo

Team 1

Coming to America


Orientation after arriving in Oklahoma City

I was very happy but a little nervous before I got on the airplane. I wondered if the airplane would drop off. But our God really help us come to America safely and fast. It took us a lot of time to America. In fact, it was not comfortable in the airplane, so I didn’t sleep well. Although we did nothing in the airplane, we still ate a lot. The food in the airplane really surprised me. We had pasta and ice cream! After a long time journey, we got Oklahoma City. The air here was really dry, my skin even hurt. Although America is very different from Taiwan, I still like here and hope to have a happy time during this month!

Lisa Huang
Team 5