Coming to America


Orientation after arriving in Oklahoma City

I was very happy but a little nervous before I got on the airplane. I wondered if the airplane would drop off. But our God really help us come to America safely and fast. It took us a lot of time to America. In fact, it was not comfortable in the airplane, so I didn’t sleep well. Although we did nothing in the airplane, we still ate a lot. The food in the airplane really surprised me. We had pasta and ice cream! After a long time journey, we got Oklahoma City. The air here was really dry, my skin even hurt. Although America is very different from Taiwan, I still like here and hope to have a happy time during this month!

Lisa Huang
Team 5

My Feelings in the First Few Days

Here’s the start. I am the only one who can speak Cantonese here… which is a good experience for me becaMichelleuse I get to know more people from other countries. My adorable Taiwanese friends are curious about my language, so I taught them some words which are very useful!

Everyone here is friendly and playful. I love having them as company. I would like to know more about them in the rest of the days. I hope I can have fun and learn things at the same time.

So far so good!

The TESOL students are so loveable. We share each others snacks and stories when we have free time. Stories are always entertaining.

Michelle Lo
Team 3

The First Week of Voice

This is the first time I have been to America. I am so excited and a little worried. But when I saw that everybody is so kind and nice, I stopped worrying. I am very happy getting to know a lot of new friends at Voice. I want to know more about God this summer. I am also happy shopping! Everything is beautiful, and I want to buy it all!! Hahaha.

The weather here is a little dry and hot. But I think it is because of Jesus that we can come here. That is a beautiful thing!

Angela Liu

Team 6Angela and Esther