My first weekend at VOICE

My first weekend at VOICE was one that was full of exciting events. Not only did I get to learn more about the ways of God, I was also able to meet many new friends. On Saturday, we went to a mall in Indianapolis and did some shopping. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to find anything interesting to buy. However, I had a great time fooling around with friends and taking lots of pictures.

On Sunday, we visited a nearby church and listened to a very inspiring sermon. The pastor discussed the power of the tongue, and how it can cause a lot of harm (James 3:7.)  A particularly interesting tale he shared was how a newspaper article four newspaper reporters wrote ended up being the catalyst of the Boxer Rebellion in China.

After attending the church service, the entire group of VOICE campers travelled to downtown Indianapolis to play a round of scavenger hunt. Not only did this activity help build closer relationships within my team, but it also left us feeling very hot and sweaty. Overall, this weekend has been a great opportunity for me to make new friends and learn more about God.

Serene Lam
Team 5