Jerry’s story part 2

In Voice, Jerry is a fun, interesting person. I didn’t know he had a sad childhood until today. I cried when I heard his story because it was not only touching, but it also made me think about my past. When I was 4 years old, my parents divorced. At that time, my younger sister was just 2 years old. I remember crying every day in the first year that they divorced. I kept complaining and asking God “Why? Why did this happen to me? I don’t understand your plan.” But now, when I look at my past, I’m very thankful. Because of my different childhood, I’m more independent than other classmates. I believe that God has his own plan. He will use me just as he used Jerry.

Helen Wang
Team 5

Jerry’s story part 1

After hearing Jerry’s story, I felt my life has been very fortunate. Unlike Jerry’s life, my life has been a lot easier. I haven’t had any cigarettes, drugs, or any alcoholic things. His parents got divorced when he was young, buy my parents are still together. I go to church every Sunday, and I’ve never doubted that there is a God. Staying away from bad friends is what my parents told me to do, and he said so too. I am really satisfied with my family, because my parents let me make my own decisions.

After today, I will thank God for all the things that he created and all the things that he gives me. I must be more obedient in the future. I also learned about four different hearts of humility during the morning. I hope that I can learn more things in the future at VOICE.

Sean Lee
Team 2