What I learned in Discipleship Class

Today we learned the second commandment, which is “Do not carve an idol for yourself.” At first I thought I knew this pretty well. In my mind, to carve an idol ( or image ) equals worshipping a false god. But from yesterday and today’s class I realized whatever is bigger or at the same level as God in your heart is worshipping a fake God. These include music, movies, stars, TV, and lots more. Today I learned that most of the time, I have a wrong impression of God. I thought that when I did bad things then God would not be merciful with me, but I was wrong.

This June, on the day I graduated, I planned to go to the movies and night market with my friends. However, they were going to KTV in between the movie and the night market, but my parents forbade me going to that place. However, I went at last, because I did not want to go home that early and I wanted to have more fun. So I played and played, and when I god home, I saw my parents sitting silently on their couches looking serious. Immediately, I knew I was in trouble. Later on, I heard lots of bad things about what had happened at the KTV. Then I realized how much grace God has given me. Even though I have done bad things, God still protects me.


Team 7

The morning class

We have a very important class in the morning everyday. I think the lessons are very important for me. The classes teach me about having a relationship with God. “The relationships with parents and family,” has been a big part of Mr. Gothard’s talk. I learned a lot of things from Mr. Gothard. This has helped me a lot.

After the class this morning, I leaned about four spirits. They are, a reverent spirit, a grateful spirit, a servant’s spirit, and the last one is a quiet spirit. I think the servant’s spirit is important for me. The Bible says, “If you want to be a leader, first you have to be a servant.” That is so important for me. And I think I need a quiet spirit, because I always worry about everything, and that makes me feel fear. But one thing I should know is, “God is omnipotent.” I shouldn’t worry about anything. Because God already prepared everything for me. God is real.

Job Wu
Team 4