Visiting the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial


Katherine Hsu and David Chang leave a message at the bombing memorial


Today we went to the OKC bombing memorial and museum. There it is really beautiful but has a really sad story in there. When I saw the picture of the people who died in the bombing, I was so sad. I feel pretty bad and angry with the guy who did this. Just kept thinking “Why.” But that is useless to be asking why. And what we should do is love and show to the world who Jesus is. When I saw the skyline of the Oklahoma City I just kept thinking what is our responsibility. Because we are the man who shall live in the world, and we know the story of it. So that is what we should do. Love the world and bring them hope in Jesus’ name. I know this kind of story will happen again. But if we stand together, everything will be okay.

David Chang
Team 2

Oklahoma City National Memorial

Today we went to the Memorial & Museum, it really made me feel amazed in a sad way. There was a case that was important to Oklahoma city so they recorded the conference that day. Unfortunately, they also recorded the explosion. Although my home stay family already told us they will have a recording of the explosion I still got shocked.IMG_4430
Then when I visited more in the memorial, my mood changed from sad to touched because of three images. First, there are cards from children to help the victims or their families get through it and told them to be happy. I almost cry out when I saw these. Second, there is a post card of the Statue of Liberty crying in front of Oklahoma City and at the back of it is a man wearing America’s flag. It really touched me because it tells that Oklahoma City is not facing the problem by themselves, all the people around the state, even children, were willing to help. Third those fire fighters who joined the rescue prayed for hope that they could find more alive people in the broken structure. I am speechless!
I think the best thing in the world is not anything else but when you are facing problems there are people who stand beside you and support you.

Daniel Tseng
Team 1