Come Awake

I had several personal annual traditions at VOICE, two of which involved music.

First, the food court in the OKC mall had a jukebox and anyone could select songs to play over the loudspeakers. Every year while VOICE was eating lunch in there I selected “Creep” by Radiohead. It wasn’t breaking the “no music” rule since it was a public place and music would be playing anyway. That’s what I told myself.  

Second, on the last day in Chicago, everyone’s last morning at VOICE, I would blast Matt Maher’s “Christ is Risen” as loudly as possible on my phone or computer and walk around from bed to bed to wake up the guys in my house (because of the “come awake” lyric). As annoying as that must have been for VOICE guys three years in a row, the song still remains a very special reminder to me to this day.

“Let no one caught it sin remain inside the lie of inward shame.”

Are you caught in the lie of inward shame? I am. For years, my internal dialogue has been a constant stream of shame and negativity. I often feel inadequate, unloved, and unsatisfied with myself. I’ve used these negative feelings as an excuse to make bad choices like pulling away from healthy relationships with people who love me because of fear and shame, or not trying for goals I know I want because I’m afraid of failing, and even accepting abuse from others because I feel like it is what I deserve.

But those are lies. God hasn’t created us for a life of inward shame. Christ has risen to save us from the weight of our sin. He has provided a church body to support us by sharing vulnerabilities and strengths. We can have confidence, security, and peace when our identity is rooted in Christ…I think. I’m not an expert. I’m trying to learn.

If you are facing a similar struggle, keep going. It’s ok to not be ok. It’s ok to reach out for help. Focus on the Truth. Come out of hiding. Come awake.

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