Look at me!

Boy riding a hippo “Look at me! Look at me! Uncle, look!” My nephew latches onto my finger, and tugs at me to join him. I can’t help but set aside whatever I’m doing to appreciate his newest discovery: a paper kite, a new acrobatic move, his little sister’s amusing antics, a laundry hamper transformed into a fort, a new monster formed out of Mr. Potato head parts…  even the most commonplace things are magical. Being only three years old, everything is new and exciting to my nephew. However, my nephew can’t completely enjoy his discoveries unless he shares it with a friend or family member. And if you are the one he is sharing with, you can’t help but be charmed by his sense of joy and wonder. Though it’s true his obsession with sharing everything with everyone seems a little extreme, at the same time, I realized that all humans, to some degree, are like my nephew. God created humans in his image, and God is a relational God. He has a relationship with Himself within the Trinity, and with us as His children. We are the same way, and an important part of enjoyment and pleasure is being able to share something that you enjoy with someone that you love, and the one you love in turn gets to experience something with you. So that means, if we truly love God, then when something brings us joy and delight, we should naturally also want to share it with God. When you are entertained by a movie, you should tell God about, and see how he feels about it. “Hey God, wasn’t that movie really cool? The script was written so well!” When you complete a difficult task, you can show it off to God. “Hey God, look at this musical that I finished!” One of the most special times that I had with God this past year was during a typhoon in the spring. I love running in the rain, and the sheets of rain crashing from the sky were both wild and refreshing. As I splashed through inch deep puddles around the track, I basked in the power of the storm, and in the presence of the Lord. The coolest thing about it? I think God enjoyed that time, too. Today, why don’t you pick something that you love, and take the time to enjoy it with God together? “Hey, God, look at me! God, look!”

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About Tim Chen

Timothy (or Boba, as most people in VOICE know him) lives in Taipei and works in the IBLP Taiwan Office. He is also incredibly passionate about musicals, and how God can be glorified in the process of musical writing, practicing, and performing.

One thought on “Look at me!

  1. Wow. The crazy thing about this post…I have been struggling with this concept for quite a while now. One of the ways I enjoy life, is in that (albeit childlike) way of sharing what I find exciting and interesting with those around me. And…I am discovering that most people do not want to hear about my passions. Sometimes, people will be kind, and listen, but most often, I find myself talking to the wall, thin air, or in a different language. Of course it is totally not anyone’s fault, it is just the way life is.

    This concept of getting excited and telling God about it is quite interesting. I never thought about it that way, but likely, He is the one I ought to share my exciting moments with. Because I have never heard God say He was not interested in what I am interested in. Just so long as it is healthy, and God-honoring.

    Anyway, just my thoughts on it. Thanks for writing that, it got me thinking, and really, was perfect timing.

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