Thanksgiving Day

DSC_0520Thanksgiving Day is a very special holiday. It’s not in Taiwan, I’m glad to experience Thanksgiving Day. It means thankful. We have a lot of things from someone’s help. If we always have a thankful heart, this would will be precious better. This is the reason why I think Thanksgiving Day is special. The dinner last night is delicious! I loved that turkey, it was very yummy! And Olivia told us a story about Thanksgiving Day, it was very good. It’s a story about Jesus helping the main character to avoid the kill by soldiers, because he believed Jesus. And it was amazing that Jesus blinded the soldiers, and saved him. In the end, he came back to Kenya to help ones who were like him before. That touched my heart, and that story is real. I like this holiday very much, and I had a nice evening yesterday.

Eric Guo

Team 1

Coming to America


Orientation after arriving in Oklahoma City

I was very happy but a little nervous before I got on the airplane. I wondered if the airplane would drop off. But our God really help us come to America safely and fast. It took us a lot of time to America. In fact, it was not comfortable in the airplane, so I didn’t sleep well. Although we did nothing in the airplane, we still ate a lot. The food in the airplane really surprised me. We had pasta and ice cream! After a long time journey, we got Oklahoma City. The air here was really dry, my skin even hurt. Although America is very different from Taiwan, I still like here and hope to have a happy time during this month!

Lisa Huang
Team 5

Let me introduce my roommate!

Today I want to introduce my roommate, though I have two “Kevins” in my room , but now I will only present to you the younger Kevin, Kevin Hsu. From some parts, he is such a nice person. He is an enthusiastic person and kind of humorous. He’s not a messy person because all his clothes are put away… I mean in his way. He greeted me in a special style at the first time. So my first impression from him is “funny person.” But later I found some serious parts in him, like he really likes to use a spoon to eat instant noodles. Maybe he has his own insistence, I don’t know. All above is just kidding, he doesn’t have any serious parts. But I wonder why? I really like this kind of person.IMG_5064

Ranger Chiu
Team  1

Bible Class

The day before yesterday, we had Bible class. We talked about the sixth commandment. “You shall not murder.” During the class, Luke said that if you hate someone, you make him into nothing, and that is a kind of murder. I was shocked!IMG_3515 When we disrespect a human being, we express our judgement that their Creator and Judge is inadequate. God made everyone so wonderful, we shouldn’t judge others.  I should learn to be more humble, because God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble. Only if we are humbled by the recognition of God’s sacrifice for us, can we have the salvation. Let God be God!

Annie Chang
Team 5

Oklahoma City National Memorial

Today we went to the Memorial & Museum, it really made me feel amazed in a sad way. There was a case that was important to Oklahoma city so they recorded the conference that day. Unfortunately, they also recorded the explosion. Although my home stay family already told us they will have a recording of the explosion I still got shocked.IMG_4430
Then when I visited more in the memorial, my mood changed from sad to touched because of three images. First, there are cards from children to help the victims or their families get through it and told them to be happy. I almost cry out when I saw these. Second, there is a post card of the Statue of Liberty crying in front of Oklahoma City and at the back of it is a man wearing America’s flag. It really touched me because it tells that Oklahoma City is not facing the problem by themselves, all the people around the state, even children, were willing to help. Third those fire fighters who joined the rescue prayed for hope that they could find more alive people in the broken structure. I am speechless!
I think the best thing in the world is not anything else but when you are facing problems there are people who stand beside you and support you.

Daniel Tseng
Team 1

Host Families

Last Sunday, we were divided into many groups. And each group went to one family’s house. We played some games, such as UNO and poker with the family. I learned some new games too. YoyoWe met two Taiwanese exchanged students who we saw in church that morning. We talked a lot. There were also two Koreans. They taught us most of the games.The most important thing was there were two cats there!!! One was still a kitten so he was really energetic. he was always chasing anything that was moving. He was sooo cute!!

Yoyo Liu
Team 2

English Class

I like English class because it is interesting! And I think we have a good English teacher. She is a very crazy teacher. She is really very patient teaching us, and she often laughs really cute. IMG_2294She usually catches us when we speak Chinese, and we also have been tempted to speak. She sometimes is really bad. And she left me in the middle of the ice rink on Saturday! I thought she would teach me to skate. Fortunately, I learned after. Despite this, I really like her.

Joy Lin
Team 4

Park Night

I really enjoyed park night. The weather was great and the games were fun. We played a frisbee game and it was confusing for me at first, however, I still enjoyed the game. Then, I went jogging with some girls. We did a special kind of training called “Indian run.” (maybe) Although it made me tired, I felt happy to run with them. IMG_2669It was great to go to the park in the evening. There is so little lawn for people to relax in Taiwan, so it was kind of a new experience for me. Lying on the lawn and feeling the wind blowing across my face was so comfortable that I thought I would do that more!

Team 5

Thanksgiving Day

IMG_3377Tonight we had Thanksgiving Day! It was awesome, because we know this already.
We shared the things we are grateful for. In fact we complain every day. We can complain at any time, and it is easy. But when we want to tell what we’re grateful for, it will be difficult to think of something. In fact, we can be grateful for anything, about God or people. So we need to try to be grateful. It’s like highlight and lowlight, when we try to tell the gain is great.

Yi Mei  Sun
Team 5

Embarrassing Moment

When I entered the senior high school, I had to make new friends on my own. Actually, when I am unfamiliar with the new environment and others, I become shy to communicate with other people naturally. On the second day after entering the school, a girl sitting behind me told me that her cell phone was the same as mine. I had no idea how to reply and how to continue this topic, so I felt awkward at that moment. But as time went by, we became friends little be little. IMG_1787Eventually, I found that she was really an interesting and humorous girl and she always made me happy. We not only chatted with each other about everything that happened in our lives, but we also participated in the cooking club together.  We kept our friendship just like we make our soup. We put dressing into our friendship soup to let it taste better, and we couldn’t leave the soup on the oven alone, which means we always keep in touch with each other and keep the friendship warm. I sincerely thank God for giving me such a good friend even though we were embarrassed during our first talking.

Angel You
Team 5