profile_ALukachick陸亞設  Anna Lukachick (Nantou, Taiwan)

VOICE Involvement: 2005 (TESOL); 2007 (V2); 2013 (Team Leader)

It’s funny how at 18 you can think you have life all figured out, then you spend the next few years realizing that you actually don’t know anything. It’s very freeing, however, to find that you don’t have to be in charge of your own life, that there is a very wise and good Someone who wants to lead you in a way so different and much better than you could ever know. After highschool and a bit of international traveling, I attended Verity Institute and received a degree in Social Science. After that, the next 3 years were spent in a different kind of school. A school that God had lovingly prepared to teach me to depend on Him. I still traveled and held various jobs, but my career choice might best be described as a pilgrim, “forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” (Phil. 3:13-14)

Currently, I’m teaching English in Taiwan, writing, blogging, cooking, and walking with Jesus.

Favorite VOICE Memory: It seems almost wrong to pick a favorite VOICE memory. I have so many to choose from, but what comes to mind happened this past year -VOICE 2013. It wasn’t just one moment, but a conglomeration of memories of Staff prayer times. I loved working with the students, but I think the real “work” took place in the office with all the Staff on their knees, crying out for God to work. It was from those nights I found God’s grace and leading in the everyday highs and lows. I’m so grateful to work with a Staff that prays.

In second place is the memory at grad night of all the VOICE 2013 students singing and presenting their “Thank You” gift. It was amazing to see how God had worked in each of their lives. I was overwhelmed with gratitude to God for the amazing fulfillment of all for which we had prayed.

翁愛麗  Audra King (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

VOICE Involvement: 2005 (TESOL); 2006-present (TESOL Instructor)

In 2002, I got to travel to China and Taiwan and fulfill a dream God had put in my heart to teach English to speakers of other languages. I loved it so much that I came back and spent the next three years teaching and working with Pei Ji in Taiwan and China! I graduated in 2007 with my Masters degree in Counseling and got my license as a school counselor so I could be better prepared to invest in my students and anyone else that God brought into my life. Since 2005, I have been living in my hometown of Oklahoma City and teaching and working with international students at a private school. I enjoy running, reading, fashion, and most of all, spending time with my wonderful husband Travis and our daughter, Ava!

Favorite VOICE Memory: Without a doubt, my favorite VOICE memory was the close-knit TESOL class of 2007. It was such a small class that we considered canceling it, but God instead had hand picked the perfect size to grow and learn and enjoy the VOICE students together!

洪良恩  Brianne Hogan (Defiance, Ohio) 

VOICE Involvement: 2010 (TESOL); 2011 (V2); 2012-present (Team Leader)

In the summer of 2010, I attended VOICE for the first
time as a TESOL student. That fall, I went to Taiwan and taught English in
Nantou. Looking back, I can honestly say that my year there was truly the best
and most life changing year of my life. After living in Taiwan, I knew that no
matter where I went or what I ended up doing in life, my heart would always be
for international ministry.

While I still love and miss Taiwan, in 2011 God brought
me back to the US. Currently, I’m studying nursing at a college in Indiana and
hope to one day be involved with medical missions. Some of my passions include
traveling, musicals, playing the piano, reading good books, playing games (and
winning), politics, drinking hot tea, and pretty much any kind of adventure.

Favorite VOICE Memory: Oh man! There are way too many! I do love the time up at the Northwoods. From spending time with my team up in the tower, to late night talks in our tent, to marveling at God’s glory displayed through the stars, there’s something about being up there that grows me closer to those around me, and most importantly, brings me closer to God.

安可欣  Celia Anderson (Portland, Oregon)

VOICE Involvement: 2007 (TESOL); 2008 (V2); 2009-present (Team Leader, English Coordinator)

My mom suggested that I go to Taiwan to teach English when I was in high school. Years later I realized that going to Taiwan was exactly what God wanted me to do. I attended TESOL in 2007 and immediately fell in love with VOICE and what God is doing through it. I returned the next year to attend V2 and was really challenged by the leadership classes. A few weeks after V2 I went to Taiwan, where I taught English in elementary schools for two years. God taught me so much through those years and I loved my time there.

Right now I’m pursuing an English bachelors degree. I can’t wait to graduate! 🙂

I love to read. I also enjoy playing ultimate frisbee, exploring other countries (especially Taiwan), hanging out with my family, watching good movies, discovering new foods, experiencing other cultures, trying to speak Chinese, and of course, being at VOICE. 🙂

Favorite VOICE Memory: I could tell too many stories about VOICE, but I will limit it to two. I always enjoy getting to know the girls on my team and doing crazy things with them. One time we all laid down and put our feet up on the wall to help us lose weight while we did Team Prayer. I always laugh when I remember that.

I will never, ever forget when Wes played a joke on me at Northwoods and I ended up kissing a frog. It was gross, but it was hilarious too. Unfortunately it did NOT turn into a prince. One of the girls who saw it happen told me I needed to try a different frog… :/  No thanks!

范家齊  Joel Feig (Marshfield, Wisconsin)

VOICE Involvement: 2011-present (Team Leader)

Growing up as the second oldest in a family with seven children, I have developed quite a love for sports and the outdoors. I have lived in Wisconsin for most of my life, so once it gets too cold for football, volleyball, soccer, and basketball, we bring out the skis, skates, and hockey sticks. I am very thankful for the influence of my family, especially my parents, as they have helped encourage me to develop my most important love, that for Jesus Christ. In 2004, I had the opportunity to spend a year teaching English in Taiwan through IBLP. That year turned into three years, and I am currently back in the US finishing my Masters in Elementary Education through Liberty University. I plan to graduate in the summer of 2012 and Lord willing, return to teaching English in Taiwan.

Favorite VOICE Memory: I really enjoyed the times spent talking with fellow VOICE staff and students about what the Lord was doing in each one’s personal life. It was very exciting to see faith growing in the lives of different people as they made God real in every aspect of life. Watching the Lord working and answering prayers is always such a great blessing.

康陳佳安  Karen Kallberg (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

VOICE Involvement: 1999 – present (Conference Coordinator, V2 Instructor)

I grew up in Rochester, New York, where I developed my love for the NY Yankees. After high school, I moved across the world with my family to Taiwan. There I not only learned a lot about my Chinese heritage, but also about what it means to know God and serve Him. While in Taiwan, I worked at the Pei Ji Educational Foundation and helped develop the VOICE conference. That’s how I met my husband Luke. We served in several seminars and conferences together before falling in love (that’s a whole other story), getting married, and moving to Oklahoma, where we became OKC Thunder fans. Now in addition to planning and hosting the VOICE conference (I haven’t missed a single conference!), I spend my time caring for our daughter Arianna, cooking and baking for Luke, and working part-time for Novo Ministries.

Favorite VOICE Memory: Wow– who came up with this question? 🙂  I’ve been part of too many conferences to pick one memory. Maybe the VOICE 2005 graduation, when I started crying while the students were singing Psalm 103– ultimately, it’s the realization every year that I get to be part of watching God change lives. That’s why I keep coming back.

彭凱婷  Katie Pleckham (Herscher, Illinois)

VOICE Involvement: 2009 (TESOL); 2010-2011 (TESOL Coordinator, Photographer, English Teacher)

I’m from Chicago, Illinois. I began working for IBLP in 2006 at their headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois, as their TESOL Certificate program coordinator. In 2009 I was able to experience VOICE firsthand when I attended TESOL. My involvement has continued on both the TESOL & VOICE ends in 2010 & 2011. When I’m not helping with VOICE or TESOL, I manage to stay quite busy working as a bank teller; managing a photography & design business; and being a big sister to two younger brothers. My interests include photography/design, missions, traveling, and cultural anthropology.

Favorite VOICE Memory: Do I have to limit it to one??! Here a couple that top the list in my mind. Shopping with Pearl & Zoe, at one of my favorite stores – Marshalls, where many laughs were exhanged. Another great memory was in 2011 the VOICE group cheering for Taiwan’s very own Chien-Ming Wang, who was pitching for the Washington Nationals against the Chicago Cubs. The excitement in our area of the stadium was quite amazing! So much so, that it caught the attention of the media!

profile_LBollinger羅蘭  Lauren Bollinger (Oregon, Ohio)

VOICE Involvement: 2007 (TESOL); 2012 (V2); 2013 (Team Leader)

I began serving the Lord alongside my parents by ministering to Asians in the U.S. when I was 11 years old. It was then that my love for the people began to form, but my desire to serve in Asia took individual-root when I attended TESOL in ’07 (yes, Audra, we loved it and you rocked!) There, God unexpectedly changed my plans and miraculously opened the doors for me to serve in Taiwan that year.

The two years I spent in Nantou were life-changing, challenging, satisfying, and filled with His love and joy. Since then I have completed my studies, returned to Taiwan for a semester of language study, been the Chinese Student Program Director at a U.S. high school, and a project manager for a Sino-US company in the states.

The Lord answered my prayer to return to Taiwan to serve Him in October 2013, and in January 2014 I moved back to Taichung as a missionary with Word of Life Fellowship.

I’m grateful for the blessings of foreign languages, music singing and composition, travel, cooking, fellowship with brothers and sisters from all across the globe, and VOICE!

Favorite VOICE Memory:  My favorite individual memory is a late night star-gazing, lightening-watching, and soul-stirring talk with Cami Kulp about Christ and all that He is.
– My favorite team memory was our “night to remember” (’13) which involved sprawling out in the OKC lobby for team prayer and suffering severe fits of laughter.
– My favorite group memory was the farewell surprise the students prepared for us; watching them pour out their tears and gratitude to the Lord for all that He taught them, and the love He had given us to share.

profile_LPaulssonLoren Paulsson (Coulee City, Washington)

VOICE Involvement: 2009-2011 (V2 instructor, Ultimate Frisbee instructor); 2013 (Team Leader)

I grew up in Washington state, spending as much time as I could reading and investigating birds and other living things. I studied journalism and religion in college, is a little odd (which is not unusual), is engaged to a woman beyond his dreams (who is not odd), and likes running, travel, and conversation. I work as a writer, publication strategist, and sometime English teacher.

Someday, I want to visit Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China to see the new friends I’m now honored to know.

Favorite VOICE Memory: The first thing that comes to mind is sacking Jerry Simpson for a safety during a VOICE football game.

康榮傑  Luke Kallberg (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

VOICE Involvement: 2005-present (Team Leader, Staff Director, Board Member)

My family took me many different places to live while growing up, and gave me a love for musical performace. Especially singing. I was always impressed with my parents’ ability to see the ways that God was working in the little, mundane events of life. I want to have that kind of perspective on life – where it’s something God is doing, not just something that is happening. And I want to help other people have that perspective. While working for IBLP in Chicago (a very fun city), I met my future wife Karen, who introduced me to VOICE! We started our married life in Oklahoma City, where we have learned so many new things about life – increased responsibility, forgiving each other, loving our daughter Arianna. All these things give me new ideas about what God is like. I work at Kimray, Inc., and am studying in the Master of Philosophy Program at the University of Oklahoma.

Favorite VOICE Memory: Certain conversations with VOICE students have stuck in my mind over the years, sometimes very short conversations. One student struggled with self-acceptance after feeling like he couldn’t please his father and older brother. He was beginning to dabble in some very damaging things just to show his independence, and throughout the whole conference that streak of rebellion made him very difficult to deal with. Near the end of VOICE, we had a movie night, and he and I sat near each other. We had a short, whispered conversation that I don’t remember much of. But I remember feeling so driven to tell him, “Don’t worry about what people think of you – worry about what God thinks of you!”

洪蕾  Rachel Hung (Hong Kong, China)

VOICE Involvement: 2007-2009 (Team Leader, Discipleship Coordinator)

I was born in Kansas, grew up in California, and now live in Hong Kong. I came to HK with my family to work with IBLP HK, and serving in this ministry since 2007 has given me many great opportunities, VOICE being an important one of them! I am also working as associate youth director at a Mandarin church with an English youth ministry until Sept 2013. After that, I look forward to seeing how God leads, maybe to Mainland China. 🙂 Highlights of life include reading a great book, snacking on munchies, having a thoughtful conversation, finding a bargain, listening to a solid sermon, and admiring good accapella.

Favorite VOICE Memory: the Sunday service in the Tower at Northwoods in 2008, bonding and laughing during team prayers, getting to share the VOICE experience with my cousins, reading English assignments!

葛榮恩  Rowan Gillson (Portland, Oregon)

VOICE Involvement: 2004-present (Logistics Coordinator, Northwoods Coordinator, Board Member)

I grew up in a Christian home as the oldest of 7 children. In 2009, I moved to Portland, OR where I married my best friend, Jocelyn. Together we run the Institute of Photographic Studies and World Changers Summit. In 2010, I was privileged to be a delegate to the Third Congress for World Evangelization in Cape Town, South Africa. I am also honored to have been a part of Pei Ji in Taiwan since 1999, and VOICE since 2004. I enjoy travel, discipleship, photography, and persuading people to live as though God is real.

Favorite VOICE Memory: There are so many… The launching of V2 stands out as one of my faves. Northwoods is also a favorite. I just love showing Chinese Urbanites the stars for the first time!

陳慕天  Timothy Chen (Taipei, Taiwan)

VOICE Involvement: 1999-Present (Interpreter, Student, Team Leader, V2 Student, Performance Coordinator, Board Member… in that order, believe it or not.)

Though I’m still fairly young, because I am the youngest out of four siblings in the Chen family, I have lived and breathed everything that has to do with the Pei-Ji Educational Foundation, and I have also been a part of every single incarnation of VOICE. In fact, you can say that VOICE and I grew up alongside each other. When I was still a child (and before VOICE was ever born), I often enjoyed doing things by myself– playing piano, reading, solving puzzles– and my faith in God was also something I thought I could handle by myself, too. Each year that I’ve been involved with VOICE, I’ve been learning more and more about the importance of learning and growing WITH other brothers and sisters in Christ, and realizing the finiteness of my own understanding. Looking at VOICE, I think that it has also grown and matured: in the beginning, we might have been more focused on all the things that God wants us to do; now, we are trying to focus on learning about God’s reality together, and letting that knowledge transform how we all live.

Favorite VOICE Memory: As the composer and author of the VOICE musicals, the Performance portion of the day (once known as Electives) of course holds a special place in my heart. It is always a frightening and exhilarating experience trying to frantically get the musical rehearsed on time, and it’s amazing to see how God has put each musical together. One moment in particular that was particularly special was the day of the final dress rehearsal in 2010. My grandfather had passed away that day, and as the choir sang a song that was inspired by him, the combination of joy and sorrow and love that I felt in that moment overwhelmed me and I burst into tears as I conducted.

鄧文勝  Wes Dudley (East Earl, Pennsylvania)

VOICE Involvement: 2006-present (Transportation Coordinator, V2 Instructor, Staff Director, Board Member)

I was born and raised in Michigan and my parents challenged me at a young age to participate in various ministries. It was through the prodding of my father that I joined a missions trip to Southeast Asia in 2001, and from there saw God develop a passion in my heart for Asian ministry. Not long after that, I had the chance to join a team to teach English in Taiwan for about four weeks, and it was through that encounter that I fell in love with Taiwan. Although I spent many awesome years living in Taiwan (including falling in love with a girl that soon became my wife), God has my family and me living back in the States, sowing into His Kingdom through other avenues. Currently, my wife – Juliana – and I stay busy directing the children’s ministry at our church, managing my painting business and her sewing business, investing in our little girl, Savannah’s, life, and having food fights every night after dinner (just checking to see if you’re still reading…).

Favorite VOICE Memory: I can’t really single it down to one memory, but what I love the most is seeing God move in dynamic and surprising ways each year. Specifically, I will never forget a few separate times of communion that we had together where we really saw the Holy Spirit do some powerful things within our entire group. Oh yeah, and getting V2 student, Celia Anderson, to kiss a frog in 2008.